Window Cleaning by Joe
Window Cleaning by Joe

the difference in quality is that Joe is there at every job.


              Thank you for visiting my website.  I want to quickly tell you why I am the window cleaner of choice.  First, I have over 30 years of experience; and I am there at every job.  I service the most particular clients and I come highly recommended.  I have had the same full time  helper since I went full time with my business in 2010, and he is just as meticulous as I.  Compare this to companies that have a constant turnover of young guys that don’t care; and you’ve never even met the owner of the company— let alone have him at your house every minute of the job. 


            We squeegee almost every square inch of glass to prevent paper towel rub marks.  I have also perfected my solution over the years with a combination of ammonia and a commercial slippery soap-based concentrate to avoid streak marks after a squeegee swipe. In fact, some of my customers have asked me to give them some of the solution so they can clean the inside and outside of their favorite windows inbetween my annual visits.


            I provide excellent customer service.  I commit to return your call within 24 hours, if not right away.  Since I don’t want customers to fret about preparing their house for window cleaning, I tell them the only thing they have to do to is let me in the door in the morning.  Customers are always thrilled with my job and provide enough referrals to keep me working every day of the year that I want work. 


           I always carry $1,000,000 in liabiltiy insurance and can have my insurance company send you a certificate of insurance upon request.


            Power washing, gutter cleaning, and cleaning chandeliers are other services I provide.  Check out the bio of myself and my helper.  Quality and professionalism is all about who is doing the job.  I also have a tab you can click on for vital information to maintain your windows and protect your house from artillery fungus.


            I look forward to hearing from you.

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Joe Weston, owner

Window Cleaning by Joe

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