Window Cleaning by Joe
Window Cleaning by Joe

                Beyond Window Washing

          Sometimes cleaning windows involves more skills that just cleaning and polishing glass so that it is perfectly clear and streak free.  As your will see from the photos below, Joe does it all- whether it's a balancing act or using tools to get the job done.

                   Is this place a boutique hotel or a large house?


         A balancing act (photo above right) with one boot on the roof is needed to clean windows inset from where the ladder leans on the partial roof below the glass frame; as there is nothing to hold onto 38' above the ground.  At the same time, the glass never had the plastic protective covering peeled off.  So, after a year of baking in the sun, it is somewhat melted onto the glass.  Joe scrapes it off inch by inch.

      Tough job, but somebody has to do it.  Don't slip off the edge!


        Cleaning the top of solariums (photos above) can be tricky as one must keep their balance on the framing without letting one's boot touch the glass.  At the same time, you don't want your sopping wet scrubber to drip on your freshly cleaned work.

120 year old Victorian house

Pulling off outside storms

Old Victorian houses can require a lot more than just cleaning the glass.  Above to the right, you see Joe removing the exterior wood-framed storm windows with a drill having bits that range in variety from large and small square shaped to "star" pointed.  Sometimes it's a guessing game as to which deeply-set, "unseeable" bits were used to secure the storm windows over a hundred years ago. 

          Joe loves cleaning this contemporary house's large picture windows and skylights, of which there were about 15 of them to this house.  Cleaning the inside of the twenty-something foot high skylights can sometimes be an awkward task with walls, counter tops, and furniture in the way. 

         When landscaping and trees obstruct (see ladder to right behind tree) one needs to explore different ladder placements to get to the glass. In this case, I actually have to be in the trees to clean the window. By the way, we always want to hand polish whenever needed as reaching with poles is not up to standard for us.

                          This is the main dwelling, but see the pool house building to right.

A rolling platform!

removing screen

          Joe had to tinker with the rolling platform to get it working before setting his ladder on it.  In the above photo to the right, Joe had to "finesse" (never force)  out the screen with his wedge tool to gain access to the skylight glass.

house-not an office building

check out the ladder brace

          The owner of this house, way out in Belevdere, was having trouble finding a window cleaner that could reach the upper tier.  Joe knew from looking at photos sent to him by text that his ladder brace was the key to getting the job done.


          I didn't have to do anything special for this job, but promised my helper his picture (although very distant) would be on my website.  LOL.  He is on the far left ladder, but the house is so big-you can hardly see him.

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